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BIC Graphic Introduces New Stylus Pens
September 17, 2015

BIC Graphic, Clearwater, Fla., has announced the launch of nine new stylus pen styles, including the BIC Clic Stic Stylus, the BIC Digital Clic Stic Stylus and six new designs in the Norwood by BIC Graphic stylus pen collection.

A Line of Apparel and Skin Care That Prevents Dehydration
September 17, 2015

Sugar has gotten a (deservedly) bad reputation lately—but not all of the sweet stuff is bad for us. Recently designer Jaime Tai set out to explore how sugar-based products could potentially help keep us hydrated longer, and be a vital tool in a future world with less water.

This “speculative design project,” called Trehalose Artefacts, features a collection of apparel and skin care items that utilize trehalose, a naturally generated glucose that protects the body from dehydration in harsh environments.

These microbeads are one part of the microplastic problem in oceans, freshwater lakes and rivers, but are a special concern because in many products they are literally designed to be flushed down the drain. And even at conservative estimates, the collective total of microbeads being produced today is enormous.

Etsy Allows Sellers to Work With Manufacturers
September 16, 2015

Etsy, the online marketplace for crafted goods, has announced that it will enable Etsy sellers to source goods from "Etsy-approved manufacturers" as part of a new program called Etsy Manufacturing.