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Most long distance runners pace themselves and know that it is the second half of the race that allows them to finish strong. They know how to conserve energy, deal with lows and not get too high, which are all important cycles that they must learn to go through. Sprinters train for a quick short, burst of energy.

Rebranding: What to Do When Shift Happens
September 8, 2015

In business, shift happens. (Yes, that’s my clever play on words for both shift and, well, you know). Change is the only constant, and for me that means rebranding needs to happen when there’s a lot of shift(s) happening.

But how far should we go when rebranding? And how often should it happen? I suppose rebranding is on my mind for two reasons, one being personal and the other professional.

5 Pumpkin Promotional Products to Prepare for Fall
September 8, 2015

While I sipped on my morning pumpkin spice latte, I realized the power of the pumpkin. For an entire two months, fall's most notable symbol will be center stage throughout the nation. And while many people will be gifted with a papier-mâché pumpkin crafted by their first-grader, why not give end-users more variety with these pumpkin promotional products?

AHEAD Introduces ChromaPlate Technique
September 4, 2015

AHEAD, New Bedford, Mass., introduced ChromaPlate, a new technique that allows the company to apply full-color custom graphics to metal accessory items.

Staples Releases 2015 Second Quarter Performance
September 4, 2015

Company sales for Staples, Framingham, Mass., during the second quarter of 2015, which ended Aug. 1, dropped to $4.9 billion, 5 percent lower than the same quarter in 2014. However, when excluding the impact of store closures in North America during the past year and changes in foreign exchange rates, total company sales increased 1 percent during the second quarter.

8 Ways Practicing Patience Radically Increases Your Capacity for Success
September 4, 2015

We're told from a very early age that patience is a virtue. However, very few of us are ever really shown or taught how to be patient. Patience is not something we have; it is something we consciously do. Patience is like any other hard-earned discipline: The more we practice it, the more patient we become.

To be successful, we need patience when it comes to employee relations, business negotiations and communications, as well as achievement of the strategic goals we've set.