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GCI Outdoor Recalls Stadium Seats
December 12, 2014

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced GCI Outdoor's recall of about 6,000 stadium seats due to the backrest possibly failing and causing injury.

San Diego Hosts Winter Meetings, Baseball Trade Show
December 12, 2014

As trade rumors spread, baseball executives were gathered in San Diego this week, doing much more than trade talks. The annual gathering also includes seminars, meetings, special events and a trade show.

8 Enduring Lessons I Learned from My Clients in 2014
December 12, 2014

Every year around this time, I like to spend a few weeks reflecting on the year and planning the next one. In 2014, I worked with executives in oil and gas, hospitality, accounting, utilities, engineering, construction, retail, steel, education, manufacturing, IT and banking. I've helped my clients become better leaders who built other leaders, develop and supercharge their teams, and hone their strategy and culture. And, as they do every year, in 2014 my clients have taught me some indispensable business lessons that we'd all be wise to heed in 2015.

3 Tips to Keep Your Business Hot in the Winter
December 11, 2014

Surviving the winter months is a concern for many businesses. Consumer spending shifts to the holidays, and the amount being spent greatly declines after the rush to spend on gifts goes away. So the average business owner plans for the rush and hopes to receive a portion of the billions of dollars spent during this time of year.

For businesses that sell items which are best enjoyed in the warmer months, the excessive spending and recovery period is not felt. Here are three tips to keep your business strong in the cooler months.