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6 Self-inflicted Obstacles That Successful People Eliminate
January 30, 2015

The success of others often appears to be an easy path. In truth nearly every successful person faces major challenges along the way. Some obstacles are external and unexpected. Others are self-inflicted and mostly preventable.

4 Ways To Be More Innovative At Work
January 30, 2015

Innovation. It’s easy to talk about it—it’s probably one of your department’s key goals or built into your company’s mission statement—but it’s not so easy to do. It’s even harder to make it a habit in your day-to-day workflow. As an innovation consultant and entrepreneur, I was recently given a sneak peek at a new book on innovation called A Beautiful Constraint. In short, it teaches you to take your constraints—budget, time, resources, whatever—and make them work for you in your quest for innovation. It sounds simple, and in many ways it is.

It's been relatively easy for me, because I'm motivated by the reality that my success or failure rests directly on my shoulders.

If you think working from home means having the freedom to forgo shaving and wake up without setting an alarm, think again! However, I won't deny that working from home has its perks—like never having to commute. I set my own hours. Best of all, I get to be my own boss.