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3 Simple Steps to Close Every Sale
March 17, 2015

Making a sale is always an interesting dance between the salesperson and the customer. If the music is right, the dance goes by quickly and leaves everyone exhilarated and content that they showed up to the club.

Pick the wrong song and the dance turns into one of those awkward slow songs from a junior high school dance—the one where both parties can't wait for the song to change so they can move on to a better prospect. Here are three tips to make every sale simple so everyone heads off the dance floor feeling happy.

Tyler's growing San Francisco-based company helps businesses create cool swag to promote their brand—everything from mobile power chargers and Jambox speakers to fuzzy red slippers and custom Converse sneakers. Its clients have included Wells Fargo and eBay. 

Tyler, 29, joined the 52-year-old company when he was 19. Now he owns it.

M&M's World Recalls Youth Loungewear Pants
March 16, 2015

In addition to pajamas, hoodies and teacups, M&M's Youth Loungewear Pants also were recalled last week. The pants failed to meet federal flammability standards for children's sleepwear, however, no injuries were reported.

5 Simple Things Super Productive People Do on Monday
March 16, 2015

Monday can totally feel like a drag. You just had a great weekend of fun and play and now it's back to the workweek. Even those who love their jobs can find Mondays a real buzzkill.

But Monday also can be an exciting beginning. With the right approach, it can stimulate efficiency and productivity for the entire week. It takes a strong constitution to start the week with focus and determination, yet, this is exactly what the most productive people do. Here are five key ways they use Monday to your advantage.

Rent the Runway CEO Tells SXSW: 'We Need to Put UPS and FedEx Out of Business'
March 16, 2015

Discussions of retail don't usually make for the most bombastic presentations, but Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman was certainly an exception as she addressed (and won over) the crowd of South by Southwest.

The impact from her panel's presentation, "Defining the Next Generation Retail Experience," didn't stem from any theatrics—Hyman didn't wave her arms or throw up fists to get the audience's attention. Instead, it was all about what she and her co-presenters had to say.

For instance, while lamenting the increasingly expensive "Big Two" delivery services and suggesting they were inefficient beasts, she went for the jugular.

Beats by Dre Leads Roster of Tournament Gifts
March 16, 2015

Beats by Dre items will appear in at least eight gift packages that will be provided by NCAA Division I conferences to players competing in the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments this month, making it the brand most frequently offered in this annual ritual of spring.

According to NCAA rules, players can receive both participation and championship gifts, for basketball and for other sports. So while the gifts that are provided to football players annually at bowl games typically receive the most attention, gifts are provided to college athletes in sports throughout the year—including now, for March Madness.

9 Cool Products from Expo East
March 16, 2015

Whether you spent the weekend in Atlantic City or weren't able to make this year's PPAI Expo East, we have nine of the coolest products we spotted while roaming the trade show.

What Makes a Successful Trade Show Booth Design?
March 13, 2015

You know it when you see it: the uninspired trade show booth. The trick, of course, is recognizing the same tired qualities in your own trade show booth so that you know when the time is right to make some changes in your strategy. Keep in mind that the changes in trade show booth designs don’t have to be extensive—sometimes even minor tweaks can reinvigorate your old, tired trade show presence.