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The 3 Biggest Trapeze Moments in Business
March 31, 2015

Progress requires risk, yet sometimes the pain we know seems better than the pain we have yet to experience. So we just stay put. But there are a few key trapeze moments you need to embrace, and only one that will help you build a real business.

Trapeze Moment #1
Deciding to go for it. Sometimes it's not really a trapeze moment, but an "entrepreneurial spasm" because you're sick of working for "the man". But sometimes it's truly a trapeze moment, making the decision to let go of a good thing to create one you think will be even better.

6 Tips to Build a Business That Will Last Decades
March 31, 2015

As Crown Worldwide celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, I am being asked the same question over and over again: What’s the secret to keeping a business alive that long? It’s not that easy to answer. To be honest, it’s a huge anniversary and one I never thought I’d see when I started the company in 1965.

I remember when we first opened, it was from a tiny office in Yokohama, Japan, with very little capital. The fact we have become an international global business of good size and strength is a real achievement for everyone at the company.

Knowing When to Marry or Divorce Your Clients
March 30, 2015

The truth is that not everyone is going to be your client. As a business owner, it is important for you to understand which clients are appropriate for you and your business and which ones are not. You need to have the strength to divorce those who are not right for you.

Undoubtedly, saying “no” to clients before they even become clients, or divorcing them after they have become clients (if it works out that way) is never a comfortable, easy thing to do.

One Big Blunder That's Killing Your Sales
March 30, 2015

As a business owner, you do your best to stay on top of the sales game, right? Me too. But on Tuesday of last week, I wasn't even in the game. I'm here to confess: I made a sales blunder—one that I haven't made in years.

I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about one of my services, EFT Tapping. Unlike my business coaching services, I sell EFT sessions individually. Upon learning that the caller was an entrepreneur, I saw a greater opportunity for both of us and informed him that I am also a business coach.