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Be Loyal to Customers and They Will Be Loyal to You
November 19, 2014

Many companies constantly wonder how they can instill loyalty in their customers. How can customers be encouraged to come back to their business time and time again? Is it in the quality of products supplied? The speed of the service? The convenience of where the company is located? It seems that almost anything and everything can affect whether a customer will give a company their repeated business, and a company’s brand strategy can easily become convoluted and unfocused as it strives to figure out what that might be.

Don't Just Showcase Your Products, Create an Experience
November 19, 2014

When creating a local business, you can choose a couple of different paths. You can go the safe route and use inexpensive but practical displays to show off items. Or you can create an all-encompassing experience. That’s the dilemma that faced Johnny Earle, CEO of Johnny Cupcakes. The company sells designer clothing, not baked goods. So when Earle relocated his store to an upscale part of Boston in 2005, he chose to create an experience around his brand’s unusual name. And that decision, according to Earle, has made all the difference.

SanMar Opens Phoenix Warehouse
November 19, 2014

SanMar, Seattle, recently announced that it has opened a new warehouse in Phoenix. This brings SanMar's distribution network to eight full-scale warehouses throughout the country.

Five Great Holiday Products
November 19, 2014

The holiday season is right around the corner. Here are five great promotional products to get in the holiday spirit.

American Solutions for Business Acquires Branding U
November 18, 2014

American Solutions for Business (ASB), Glenwood, Minn., has acquired Branding U (BU), Nashville, Tenn., which has been in business for nearly eight years and works with approximately 75 clients. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.