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Waffle House to Assist with Package Delivery
March 2, 2015

Waffle House might be better known for its breakfast foods, but now its set to become a helping hand in package delivery. In a partnership with Roadie Inc.—the Atlanta-based maker of a mobile shipping app—Waffle House, the 24-hour restaurant chain, announced last week that it has become the first Roadie Roadhouse.

Grizzlies Delay Promotional Giveaway
March 2, 2015

The Memphis Grizzlies announced the team flip-flop giveaway set to be handed out to the first 5,000 fans arriving for the contest against the Los Angeles Clippers Friday had been "flipped due to a manufacturing flop," according to the Grizzlies' website.

5 Triggers That Make New Habits Stick
March 2, 2015

In his best-selling book, "The Power of Habit," author Charles Duhigg explains a simple three-step process that all habits follow. This cycle, known as The Habit Loop, says that each habit consists of:

  1. The Trigger: The event that starts the habit.
  2. The Routine: The behavior that you perform, the habit itself.
  3. The Reward: The benefit that is associated with the behavior.

Today I’d like to discuss the first factor: habit triggers. There are five primary ways that a new habit can be triggered.

CPSC Seeks Funding for Nanotechnology Center
March 2, 2015

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is seeking $7 million to establish a nanotechnology center, and proposes to create a five-year inter-agency agreement with the National Science Foundation and a learning center or university to house the center.

The proposed "Center for Consumer Product Applications and Safety Implications of Nanotechnology" would be a consortium of scientists tasked with researching methods to quantify and characterize the presence, release and mechanisms of consumer exposure to nanomaterials from consumer products.

Too Many Meetings? There Is a Simple Solution for That
February 27, 2015

For about two years now I’ve only been doing meetings on Wednesdays. I recently told a friend about this strategy, and a few weeks later he sent me a text that read, "I owe you a big thank you. Meetings one day a week are a total game changer."

He later told me, "Meeting Wednesdays will probably make me hundreds of thousands of dollars more productive over the course of my life."

9 Compelling Reasons to Forget the Big Picture and Focus on Micro-goals Instead
February 27, 2015

You've heard it before—from me and other writers. Take the time to create a well-thought-out strategy and mission statement. Set long-term goals and objectives. Stick to your vision so you always know where you're headed.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, says Ryan Urban, CEO of Bounce Exchange, a start-up that predicts online shopping behavior, allowing e-commerce sites to customize user experiences and make more sales. Founded with three people in 2012, Bounce Exchange now has 75 employees and may grow to 140 by the end of 2015, Urban says. Its clients include Ann Taylor, USA Today, Forbes and Comcast.

Staples Begins Small-business Loan Program
February 27, 2015

Staples has teamed up with Lendio to provide a new lending service for small businesses. Staples Business Loans offers more than 20 funding options.