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15 Instant Productivity Hacks You Need to Know
September 11, 2014

Like thousands of professionals all over the country, you're trying your best to stay organized, keep your appointments, and still churn out the countless hours of work you need to keep pushing your company forward.

Most of us aspire to conquer more and more work in less and less time, but since none of us can cram more hours into the day (despite our best efforts), increasing our productivity is the best we can do. Even so, in some cruel twist of irony, most "productivity enhancers," like going to the gym every morning...

UPS Launches Major Operational Plans to Avoid Repeat of 2013 Peak-season Problems
September 11, 2014

UPS Inc. recently unveiled a series of sweeping operational measures designed to avoid a repeat of the delivery problems that plagued it during last year's peak holiday shipping season. The moves should also position the company for the rapid and secular changes occurring in shipping habits and their impact on its business.

For the first time in UPS' 107-year history, it will operate a full U.S. air and ground pickup, delivery, and sorting network on the day after Thanksgiving, which this year falls on Nov. 28.

25 Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Business
September 10, 2014

There are 53 million unique monthly Pinterest users in the United States, and Forbes reports that is about 22 percent of all Americans, ahead of Twitter at 19 percent and about equal to LinkedIn.When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, many businesses are stuck and don't know where to start. Here are a few quick tips that can get you started on using Pinterest for business and take the intimidation out of Pinterest marketing, for almost any business.

Study: Few Consumers Plan to Purchase Wearable Tech in Coming Year
September 10, 2014

While health and fitness smartphone accessories such as Fitbit and Fuelband are paving the way for wearable tech, and Apple has revealed its first watch, new research shows that very few people intend to purchase any kind of wearable tech in the coming year.

According to the report by international law firm Osborne Clarke and app developer Mubaloo, just 8 percent of consumers intend to purchase a smartwatch, Google Glass or any sort of wearable tech in the next year.

James Mullock of Osborne Clarke says their research shows "the market penetration is still not out of the first quartile".

How the iPhone 6 Will (and Won't) Shake Up the Accessories Market
September 10, 2014

A new iPhone—or iPhones—is almost upon us, and with it will come a possible sea change in the market for iAccessories.

Unlike 2013's iPhone 5S, which worked with almost all of the 5's accessories and cases, the iPhone 6 will be a totally new breed of iPhone that will work with some add-ons and not others. Here's how we think its arrival will and won't affect the massive ecosystem of iPhone accessories.