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The "Selfie T-Shirt" Is Here And It Will Cost You Only $166
August 22, 2014

Have you ever been just sitting there, phone in hand, arm raised at a 45-degree angle to your shoulder, taking pictures of yourself over and over and over, trying to discover as yet uncaptured depths of nuance and beauty in your imperfect face and imperfect upper torso? Have you ever felt that while your face, and your hair, and your body, and your soul, are fully committed to your project, your clothes will not quite comply? Have you ever wondered whether things can get better?

For you, and for me, and for us all, there is now a shirt.

Proforma Acquires Hyde Brothers Printing Company
August 21, 2014

Proforma Third Degree Marketing, Akron, Ohio, and Proforma Excalibur Business Solutions, Massillon, Ohio, teamed up to acquire Hyde Brothers Printing Co., Marietta, Ohio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

UPS Stores Acknowledge Customer Data Breach
August 21, 2014

The UPS Store acknowledged that an internal assessment revealed malware was present on computer systems in 51 of its stores. The threat has been eliminated as of Aug. 11, and no fraud has been reported.

Gill Bebco Announces Reopen Date
August 21, 2014

Gill Studios Inc., Lenexa, Kan., has completed the Barton Nelson transaction, resulting in a relaunch next month.

BIC Graphic Expands Sales Team
August 21, 2014

This year BIC Graphic, Clearwater, Fla., has hired new sales employees and promoted other employees, specifically for its field and special markets sales teams.

Why eBay Tells Manufacturers in China What You're Searching for
August 21, 2014

In a recent conversation with some colleagues about cool—OK, memorable—things from the early 1990s, our chatter turned, as it does, to Crystal Pepsi, Pocket Rockers and Cross Colours—all of which you can find on eBay, along with what seems like an infinite number of material portals to another place and time in memory.

eBay has always been a special kind of nostalgia machine, a rabbit hole where fuzzy memories meet actual physical things from years gone by.

10 Secrets From Leading Sales Execs
August 21, 2014

Ever wonder why some company’s sales programs are more successful than others?

During a recent forum at Emergence Capital that included Bill Binch, Marketo’s executive vice president of Worldwide Sales, followed by panels dedicated to sales efficiency and growth strategies with speakers from ServiceMax, InsideSales, Zendesk, Fuze and InsideView, I compiled 10 “sales secrets” based on their experiences.

1. Give sales reps transactions quotas, not revenue quotas. Binch joined Marketo in May 2008. To make a difference in the first 90 days and remove hurdles to closing deals, he changed quota metrics from revenues to transactions.

PPAI Announces 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees
August 20, 2014

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the not-for-profit association serving more than 10,800 corporate members of the $19.8 billion promotional products industry, recently announced Fran Ford, CAS, and Paul Kiewiet, MAS+, as the 2015 PPAI Hall of Fame inductees. Induction ceremonies for Ford and Kiewiet will take place at The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Jan. 11-15, 2015, during the Chairman's Leadership Dinner.