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iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows: Which is Right for Small Business?
August 18, 2014

It's been a while since people stopped asking businesses whether they needed a 'smartphone' and instead which sort they use. Before deciding which smartphone you want, establish that you need to collaborate, have access to mobile data and do all those other things a smartphone can do that a lower-spec model can't.

So, what sort of smartphone do you want? There are four basic choices—Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Phone. Each has their fans, some of whom get rather tribal about it. The truth is that each works pretty well. Here are some strengths and weaknesses.

Collecting Discarded Plastic (and Data) For That T-Shirt
August 18, 2014

Sure, that shirt you're wearing may be designed from 100 percent post-consumer plastic, and perhaps you know that it took about 10 or 15 soda bottles to make its fabric, but do you know what country those bottles came from? Do you know how they got recycled or who picked them up? Are you curious about the impact your T-shirt purchase has on supporting the livelihood of the person who collected those bottles? Thread, a Pittsburgh-based B-Corp, is betting that you want to know, and is poised to provide that information when you purchase a product ...

Half of Senate Calls for End to Proposed Postal Cuts in Bipartisan Letter
August 15, 2014

Half of the Senate on Thursday called for a one-year hold on the U.S. Postal Service's plans to close mail-processing plants, saying the move should come as part of any legislation to avoid another government shutdown.

Fifty senators signed a bipartisan letter to top members of the House and Senate appropriations committees opposing USPS plans for closing up to 82 plants and eliminating up to 15,000 jobs starting next year.

The Postal Service this week reported a $2 billion loss for the third quarter, despite increasing its revenue by 2 percent compared to the same period in 2013.

The Best Business Hack? Good Manners.
August 15, 2014

Manners may seem like an antiquated art form, but politeness can have a positive effect on productivity and business success. Here are some tips to wooing co-workers and potential business partners in good form:

Direct the conversation to the other person
Getting someone to talk about themselves can bring them the same kind of pleasure as food or money. Asking about someone else's interests and work during a conversation may open the person up and endear them to you. Writer Paul Ford suggested employing the line, "Wow. That sounds hard," in social settings, but it works in business as well.

How to Create a Logo for a Space Engine That Physicists Can't Explain
August 15, 2014

"It's kind of a wacky intro, but stick with me, it gets good." Thus Andy Cruz begins the tale of how his design studio and type foundry, House Industries, ended up creating a brand identity for a futuristic space engine called the Cannae Drive-technology that could potentially cut travel time to Mars from months to mere weeks, overturning the law of conservation of momentum along the way.

The unlikely project came by way of an even less likely referral. It was holiday season 2010, and Cruz and House Industries co-founder Rich Roat were at an event in New York.

Gill Hires Regional Sales Associate
August 14, 2014

Gill Studios Inc., Lenexa, Kan., has promoted Kerry George to the role of regional sales associate for the northeast region.