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9 Ways to Simplify Anything
September 15, 2014

Life sure isn't simple, especially in business. Technology is supposed to make things easier and in many ways it does, but at the same time change comes so fast and goals are so lofty that many people don't have the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle even everyday projects.

Well, the world is not going to stop turning so you can get off. You need to figure out how to take a complex project or complicated task and simplify it so you can get it done and move on to the next important opportunity.

The Postal Service Is Losing Millions a Year to Help You Buy Cheap Stuff from China
September 15, 2014

You can get anything you want at Harry “Skip” McGrath’s 21st century digital storefront.

Steak rub. Crochet needles. Paella pans. Concealed-carry pistol holsters. Moisturizer.

McGrath was an executive for a Fortune 500 company before his son showed him eBay. The first thing he sold there was a set of 19th century brass candlesticks, the kind his wife would list for $100 at her antiques store. Someone on the Internet bought them for $169. Eventually the couple ran out of antiques and McGrath started looking into other things to sell. He began buying all kinds of bric-a-brac from wholesalers.

10 Tech Tips for Better Business
September 12, 2014

Whether it’s managing back office functions or running a full e-commerce website, technology is at the heart of most small-business operations these days, but how many are getting the most out of it?

Here are 10 tech tips that can save time and money and boost business.

Determining the Success of the Apple Watch
September 12, 2014

How will we judge the success or failure of the Apple Watch?

When the Apple Watch goes on sale early next year, there will be a temptation to pass instant judgment on the new gadget. People will want to know right from the start: Is it a hit or a miss?

Apple has fed this mentality in recent years by releasing first-weekend sales figures for the newest iPhones and by constantly trumpeting new sales records, even if at times those comparisons are a bit misleading.

How to Repair a Damaged Professional Relationship
September 12, 2014

If you’ve spent enough time in the workforce, you almost certainly have a trail of damaged professional relationships behind you. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad manager or employee; it’s simply a fact that some people don’t get along, and when we have to rely on each other (to finish the report, to execute the campaign, to close the deal), there are bound to be crossed wires and disappointments.

15 Instant Productivity Hacks You Need to Know
September 11, 2014

Like thousands of professionals all over the country, you're trying your best to stay organized, keep your appointments, and still churn out the countless hours of work you need to keep pushing your company forward.

Most of us aspire to conquer more and more work in less and less time, but since none of us can cram more hours into the day (despite our best efforts), increasing our productivity is the best we can do. Even so, in some cruel twist of irony, most "productivity enhancers," like going to the gym every morning...