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8 Ways to Think for Extraordinary Results
October 10, 2014

Consulting firm Gap International recently conducted a survey of more than 500 global business leaders to answer this question: What thinking leads to extraordinary results? The answers are both powerful and illuminating. Most surprising to the researchers was the fact that leaders who achieve extraordinary results are more focused on others than on themselves.

According to Gap International, these eight ways of thinking can lead those who practice them to extraordinary results. If you adopt these mindsets for your own, you too can achieve extraordinary results.

UPS Introduces Convenient Delivery Lockers
October 9, 2014

UPS has launched a trial run of delivery lockers that let customers pick up packages whenever they want, rather than wait for them to be delivered to their home. 

The Kansas City Royals Lead All Teams in Merchandise This Postseason
October 9, 2014

The Kansas City Royals are the darlings of the MLB postseason. After rallying to beat the Athletics in the Wild Card, Kansas City swept the Angels to reach the ALCS. Since Oct. 1—the day after the Royals’ extra-inning win over the Athletics—Kansas City has been the top-selling MLB team on Additionally, people from all 50 states have bought Royals gear, and three of the top five MLB items sold on since Oct. 1 have been Royals products.