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The True Definition of Selling
October 9, 2014

Many people don't like selling, and some use the word "hate" to describe their feelings about it. Since it's hard for people to do something well that that they dislike doing, most people are inept and awkward when they try to sell.

And that's a shame, because success in business is directly proportional to your ability to sell: yourself, your services and your ideas. If you can't (or won't) learn to sell, it's like you've clamped lead weights on your legs before starting down the road to success.

UPS Introduces Convenient Delivery Lockers
October 9, 2014

UPS has launched a trial run of delivery lockers that let customers pick up packages whenever they want, rather than wait for them to be delivered to their home. 

The $4000 Wine Glass and Other Crazy Drinkware
October 9, 2014

We don’t know why beverage containers tend to be so much stranger than, say, silverware, or even plates or bowls, but it would appear that some people really get a kick out of drinking from some kooky things. Our favorite in recent years? Brewdog’s The End of History beer, a blonde Belgian ale that was a staggering 55 percent alcohol and came presented inside a stuffed squirrel.

We’ve rounded up some of the strangest, most expensive, curious, and thought-provoking pieces of drinkware in history for your drinking and reading pleasure. 

Navy Tests Out New Way of Making Clothes: Welding
October 8, 2014

The U.S. Navy could be turning to ultrasonic welding to make its uniforms lighter, stronger and cheaper. And if the project by a Rhode Island company and the Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility is a success, it could help bring manufacturing back from overseas.

Welded seams—created when two pieces of fabric are essentially melted together by sound waves—are already used in some clothing that some Americans have in their closets. Patagonia and North Face both sell models of jackets with welded seams. But so far, most, if not all, of that manufacturing is done overseas.

From Tarp to Tote Bag, Courtesy of L.L. Bean and Fenway Park
October 8, 2014

It may not touch off the same retail frenzy as the imminent release of new iPhones, but some Boston Red Sox fans may be willing to stand in line to buy limited edition L.L. Bean tote bags that have been fashioned from material taken from the rain-delay tarp that covered the Fenway Park infield last season.

The $59.95 tote bags will only be available in limited quantities at select L.L.Bean stores beginning at 9 a.m. Sept. 20, the Maine-based retailer of outdoor gear said in a press release.

Vivax claims that its Laptop Case is “nearly indestructible,” and can sustain shocks, extreme pressure, water, sand, acid and extreme temperatures as well with ease.

The Vivax Laptop Case uses a material called Nex, which, the company says, is something that has only been used in aeronautical engineering applications to this point. The case’s gasket is made of stuff that comes from the Formula 1 racing field.

The One Mistake That's Killing Your Business
October 7, 2014

In business school we're shown case studies about Apple, Starbucks and those other big guys—but the idea that their marketing methods are "best" is the biggest lie in business.

Just because it works for them doesn't mean it will work for the rest of us who work at small or medium-sized businesses.

What you should be learning in business school is that you should not be focused on brand marketing like Apple or Starbucks—but rather on direct marketing.

Every dollar you spend on marketing should be tracked and expected to produce a return.