Textile Coating Warns of Dehydration
August 5, 2015

Design researcher Paulien Routs has developed SOAK, a sweat-sensitive textile coating that provides a warning of dehydration. It can be applied to sportswear and changes color while the wearer is working out. The different colors provide a visual cue, showing the composition of their sweat and the condition of their internal health.

The spectrum ranges from blue (which means the wearer is well-hydrated with a high amount of base fluids in their sweat), through shades of green (which shows the presence of both base and acid fluids).

The kit was released at the same time as the new men's kit, midnight on Saturday. It is the first United shirt Adidas made since 1992. The company outbid American rivals Nike with a mammoth 10-year, £750million (about $1.7 billion) deal earlier this year.

Move Over 30-year Sweatshirt. The 30-year T-shirt Is Here
August 5, 2015

Following the international success of the 30-year sweatshirt—a range of simple, cotton sweatshirts made to last a lifetime—British designer Thomas Cridland is back with his most ambitious project to date: a T-shirt that will not show any signs of wear and tear until 2045.

Cridland, 24, launched his first "30-year" project back in June of this year, creating a campaign for his flagship sweatshirt on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Wacky Michigan/Florida T-shirt Raises Questions
July 29, 2015

Is Florida Michigan’s lowest lower peninsula? We’re not sure what this T-shirt means, but it features the word "Michigan" three times alongside an outline of the sunshine state—and has been the subject of some debate on social media.

Ideas thus far: Is it because a lot of older folks from Michigan live in Florida? Or, maybe it was made in China and someone got confused? Are we simply over-thinking it?

"If you flip Florida upside down, it kinda looks like a wonky Michigan," hypothesized CBS Detroit’s George Fox.

Jägermeister Petitions Milwaukee Bucks' Logo Trademark
December 12, 2016 at 12:33 pm

What do Jägermeister liquor and the Milwaukee Bucks have in common? One very important thing. At least that's what Jägermeister is trying to prove, according to Yahoo. The company filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last…