Aakron Rule

Blooming Brands
February 15, 2012

Try these floral products to spruce up your springtime promotions.

Product of the Day: Mini Mood Stress Football from AAkron Rule
May 6, 2011

We're in the midst of that most stressful period. You know the one: the time between when football season ends and when football season begins. The solution? More football, of course, using the Mini Mood Stress Football from AAkron Rule.

Bejeweled, Bedazzled and Branded
April 20, 2011

Prom season is here, which means it is time to break out the tiaras, imprinted prom court sashes and themed decorations.

AAkron Rule Corp. Adds Central Region Sales Rep
January 11, 2011

AAkron Rule, Akron, N.Y., has expanded its sales presence in the Central U.S. region, naming Carrie Sabo its Central regional sales manager. Sabo has worked in the promotional products industry since 2006, earning her CAS certification in 2009.

Fourth of July Products
May 1, 2010

The best holidays are the ones that involve as many explosives as possible. Think about it. New Year's? Awesome, and involves a ton of fireworks. Groundhog Day? Totally lame, and involves no fireworks.

Just the Facts
January 1, 2010

We take them for granted. We abuse them, we lose them, forget them, chew on the ends when we are nervous, snap them, tap them, toss them around and let them run out of ink. They have been around since the days of the pharaohs, documenting our lives and our history with nary a thank-you.

Top 10 Uses for Promotional Products in Vegas
January 1, 2010

Trade show season can be tough. The constant travel, the bombardment of customers both new and old, and the endless walking can really take its toll. And with the biggest, walking-est and customer-iest trade show, the 2010 PPAI Expo Las Vegas, currently underway, we here at Promo Marketing thought it might be nice to share a few ways to unwind with promotional products during your downtime at the show.

Toy Stories
September 1, 2009

PEOPLE TAKE THEIR playtime seriously. Just ask an employee to work a few hours unpaid overtime, a child to do a few chores or an editor to write over a weekend, and see how cranky they get. It stands to reason, then, that if you're in the business of promotional toys, you better be able to give something that people are going to accept into the precious few moments of free time. With that in mind, below are nine of the more interesting, unique or just plain fun toy promotions out there.