AgION Technologies

How To Sell Products with AgION Antimicrobial Protection
November 1, 2006

Sparked by consumer demand for cleaner surroundings, from appliances and air conditioners to food packaging and water filtration, the need for effective antimicrobials to control mold, mildew and bacteria has never been greater. AgION antimicrobial is comprised of naturally occurring silver ions and a ceramic material called zeolite. It provides continuous protection against microbes by releasing silver ions to the surface at a slow, steady rate. The silver combats microbes by interrupting cell metabolism, inhibiting membrane transport processes and preventing cell multiplication. The antimicrobial protection is built into the products during manufacturing and will last for the life of the product. The coating

AgION Technologies Antimicrobial Technology Used in Logitech Products
October 17, 2006

AgION Technologies, Wakefield, Mass., a leading provider of silver-based antimicrobial solutions, recently announced AgION protection is featured in Logitech’s Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser, a wireless keyboard-and-mouse combination. The silver-based antimicrobial in the MX 3200 desktop is effective in protecting the product against a wide range of bacteria. Based in Fremont, Calif, Logitech designs, manufactures and markets personal computer peripherals. “People are spending more and more time at their computers, and areseeking new ways to keep their environments clean,” said Denis Pavillard, Logitech’s vice president of product marketing for keyboards and desktops. “The MX 3200 desktop is Logitech’s first product to feature