Alternative Apparel

Love to Love 70s Fashion
May 24, 2012

Disco is dead, along with some of its most iconic performers. But disco-era fashion is still alive and getting it's groove on with a modern twist.

Keeping Up With Kardashian Fashion Trends
May 3, 2012

There’s no eloquent way to put this, so I’m just going to say what you’re all thinking. I hate the Kardashians. Sometimes, I even love to hate them.

Cover All of Your Coat Bases
October 12, 2011

Fashion dictates classic styles for outerwear this fall and winter. Lucky for you, the industry offers coats for each trend.

Alternative Apparel Announces Organizational Changes
March 30, 2011

Alternative Apparel announced several key organizational changes this week. Most notably, former president Evan Toporek will now take the reins as Alternative Apparel's chief executive officer.

Summer Trends Alert: Turquoise and Green
July 21, 2010

Celebrities and stores everywhere are catching on to ocean-hued trends for summer 2010. Both Pantone's Key Colors for spring/summer 2010 and NY’s Fashion Week predicted that colors from turquoise and Amparo Blue, to dried herb and eucalyptus green, would be the focus for this summer’s fashion outlook.

Full Figured Fashion Week
June 23, 2010

Shopping can be a dreadful experience in general. But if you’re the sort of woman who actually enjoys eating on a semiregular basis, and who prefers fashions that look like they weren’t manufactured by the American Tent and Awning Company, it’s downright traumatic. Designers and clothing stores have slowly become aware of this; according to the NPD Group, a market research company, the women’s plus-size apparel market hovers at $17.9 billion, up from $17.7 billion in 2009.

“Every curvy girl that has a dollar is willing to spend that dollar,” says Gwen DeVoe, a former plus-size model and the founder of Full Figured Fashion Week, currently taking place in Manhattan. Now in its second year, the four-day event includes a runway model competition, panel discussions on the industry and, of course, designs for bodies size 12 and above — about 60 percent of American women. On Wednesday night, about 250 women (and a smattering of men) gathered for the opening-night collections, which ranged from T-shirts and jeans (Pure Energy) to trendier, sexier couture (the Angel Alternative).“They don’t want to dress like they’re 60,” says designer Jessica Mealey, the co-founder of the Toronto-based Lotis Clothing, whose designs go up to 3X