American Apparel

Obama's Anti-Stimulus (
October 8, 2009

“The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency's audit of American Apparel—and the layoffs that it has provoked—have put the President one big step closer to the position of Brian Bilbray, Republican Congressman from northern San Diego County and former lobbyist for the anti-immigrant, vigilante-friendly FAIR, who applauded the crackdown on American Apparel and complained to the New York Times of employers that have 'become addicted to illegal labor.'”

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American Apparel Expands Stylish Kids Line, Adds 30 New Pieces
August 27, 2009

American Apparel, Los Angeles, announced the launch of larger and more elaborate kids' and babies' lines of clothing. Responding to countless requests from customers and employees for American Apparel in youth sizes, the company has translated dozens of its adult styles for the children's lines and incorporated new colors and designs.

On the Road Again (and again and again)
August 25, 2009

It is that time of year when my suitcase becomes my home, when I travel coast-to-coast, shake hands and get in touch with industry leaders. I have come to recognize the value in business travel, however, sometimes it can be brutal.

Razzle-Dazzle 'Em
August 13, 2009

It may seem like revenue numbers in the apparel industry are irreparably damaged (mostly because we use adjectives like "plunging," "nose dive," "sagging," "dropping" and the ever-painful "belly flopping" in correlation with 2009 revenue).

American Apparel Provides Update on Status of Accounting Evaluation
July 28, 2009

Los Angeles-based American Apparel Inc. provided an update on the status of its accounting evaluation of the classification of its revolving credit facility as a long-term obligation, and certain other balance sheet and cash flow presentation matters in its previously issued consolidated financial statements.

Immigration Crackdown Shifts Focus to Employers (The Wall Street Journal)
July 2, 2009

Just this week, American Apparel was given notice by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that 1,600 of its 5,600 factory workers may or may not be illegal. This article discusses a new move by the Obama administration to begin holding companies responsible for employing illegal immigrants, as opposed to the workers themselves. Though American Apparel is not the only company feeling the heat, it's particularly interesting given the company's "Legalize L.A." campaign that focuses on the treatment of immigrant workers. Stay tuned. (The Wall Street Journal)