American Apparel

American Apparel Expands Sustainable Practices
May 27, 2008

Los Angeles-based American Apparel, a leader in the sustainable garment industry, has joined forces with the Cleaner Cotton Campaign to purchase the largest amount of Cleaner Cotton (also known as B.A.S.I.C. cotton) by a single manufacturer. The Cleaner Cotton Initiative, led by the Sustainable Cotton Project, was created to offer farmers profitable strategies for reducing chemical use in cotton cultivation—tactics that can decrease the use of pesticides by 95 percent. The Cleaner Cotton Campaign has developed a working knowledge of biological techniques that can be effectively and economically applied in California’s farmland. By reducing chemical use on farms, Cleaner Cotton helps keep toxins out

Cartoon Spoofs American Apparel’s Dov Charney
May 20, 2008

Do you like T-shirts? V-neck T-shirts? And pornographic imagery? Me too! So starts a nice little animated parody video of Dov Charney, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based American Apparel, a company famous for both its meteoric success as well as its questionable advertising formula—one which regularly includes young women seductively (un)dressed and/or posed in American Apparel clothing. While the advertising campaign has made the company a target of lawsuits and social groups, it is perhaps now up against most dangerous, albeit entertaining foe—the Internet video satirist. The video’s director Josh Faure-Brac, (a.k.a. Super-Josh) creator of’s Super News show definitely found an effective

Crimes and Misdemeanors
April 8, 2008

So, Woody Allen is suing American Apparel. Huh.

It’s funny … give our industry one celeb and people go crazy. (And by crazy, I mean that in the entire history of our e-newsletter, that item had pretty much the highest click-through rate, well, ever).
I’m finding it increasingly hilarious that no one can seem to decide which of the involved parties is more distasteful: Woody Allen, for well-publicized reasons, or a company founded by a guy with, shall we say, a less-than-savory reputation.
My coworkers make fun of me because I have “views” about American Apparel. Yes, I cover the

Woody Allen Files $10 Million Suit Against American Apparel
April 1, 2008

Los Angeles-based American Apparel, whose advertising campaigns often garner media and social scrutiny, has now found itself in the middle of another lawsuit. Woody Allen is suing the frequently scandal-embroiled T-shirt and clothing company for $10 million in damages. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, involves the clothing companies use of his likeness on prominent New York and Los Angeles billboards, as well as in Internet advertising. The award-winning writer and director says he did not consent to the companies use of his likeness from the 1972 film “Annie Hall.” According to the associated press, Allen appears on

2008 Style Preview
December 1, 2007

FORGET THE FOUR SEASONS. 2008’s fashion forecast is all about states of mind. Better-cut styles will have wearers exuding confidence. Reinvigorated color choices illustrate newfound energy. Going corporate takes a turn toward the future, while organic looks keep consumers’ feet and thoughts on terra firma. Below, suppliers take stock of their offerings for the industry’s most fashion-friendly new year in recent history. “For 2008, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Missy division, which features basic to fashionable apparel that is cut to fit the everyday woman. Nine new styles will be available at the start of the year.” —Dean Vuong, vice