Antigua Group, The

Antigua Group Celebrates 20 Years Together With Tournament Sports Marketing
May 19, 2011

The Antigua Group Inc.—one of the nation's leading designers and distributors of lifestyle apparel under the distinguished Antigua and Slazenger brands—is celebrating 20 years of partnership in the Canadian golf market with Tournament Sports Marketing of Waterloo, Ontario.

"Way back in 1991 when Payne Stewart won the U.S. Open wearing Antigua apparel, we began a fantastic relationship with Tournament Sports Marketing and its principal Mr. Kim Bauer in the Canadian golf market", said Ron McPherson, president and CEO of the Antigua Group.

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Never Let Them See You Sweat
March 1, 2007

EVER WONDER WHAT the talk about performance wear was all about? They are on TV all the time: Poised, professional golfers in loose-fitting polo shirts tucked neatly into khakis. There is never evidence of the unsightly underarm sweat ring or the icky shirt-stuck-to-back-and-belly disease often plaguing the rest of the population. Save for an occasional swipe of the brow, these golfers appear dry and comfortable all the time, even in the 90-degree Floridian sun. It is precisely for those reasons that there is so much talk about performance wear, and why it so important to know what is being said. With all the new