Ariel Premium Supply

Product of the Day: Bass by Ariel Premium Supply
August 23, 2011

In marketing, sometimes it's best to "think outside the pond" as they say. Because let's face it, give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, but give a teenager Ariel Premium Supply's foam Bass with "stay in school" printed on it, and he'll remember your message forever.

Ariel Premium Supply Announces Alliance with Industry Technology Supplier Gotcha Mobile Solutions
July 19, 2011

St. Louis-based Ariel Premium Supply has become an industry leader on imprinting QR codes on promotional items. The company states that great care has been taken to set up the testing and processes required for imprinting on its stress relievers, pedometers, bags and other Ariel line items. To help distributors provide usage analytics to their clients, the company has partnered with Gotcha Mobile Solutions.

Ariel Premium Supply Now Offers QR Code Technology
April 12, 2011

Ariel Premium Supply, St. Louis, is now offering QR code printing on their complete line of promotional products. The company began offering QR codes on a limited number of products in February.

A Fresh Idea From Dallas
February 21, 2011

Despite doing my best to "mess with Texas," I managed to survive my trip to Dallas. I might write more about my trip later, but for now I just wanted to share a cool product I found.

February 1, 2011

The personal electronics market is huge and only getting larger. Take advantage with electronic promotional products and accessories.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Products
August 1, 2010

Sandwiched between the infinitely more fun winter holidays and the edgy bad-boy that is Halloween, Thanksgiving sometimes seems like that quiet kid at the winter social, awkwardly dancing by himself and mumbling apologies like, "Hey we have pumpkins too, plus other squashes …" to anyone who will listen.

Ariel Premium Supply Announces Darrell Grob as Operations Manager
June 8, 2010

St. Louis-based Ariel Premium Supply Inc., a supplier of stress relievers, pedometers, nonwoven bags and general promotional products for the home, office, outdoors and health markets, named Darrell Grob as the operations manager for its distributor services department.