Atteff International

Play It Safe
March 1, 2010

Accidents happen. In fact, a lot of accidents happen. The Centers for Disease Control reported that the number of medically attended injury and poisoning episodes in the noninstitutionalized population is estimated at 33.3 million annually.

September 1, 2008

For the thousands of customers whose businesses take them into some of the most extreme working conditions, the right gear is essential. Besides the traditional selections of jackets and coats, promotional workwear is evolving to include useful accessories that keep end-users out of harm’s way. SAFETY FIRST The buzzword in promotional workwear these days is “safety,” according to Kevin Xiao, vice president at Ontario, California-based Atteff International. To that end, Xiao said, while traditional jackets and overalls continue to permeate the workwear category, a variety of safety accessories are emerging and gaining popularity. “Traditionally, rugged workwear was mostly limited to work clothes,” he

March 1, 2008

STAPLE OF moms and grandmothers everywhere, “Better safe than sorry,” has proven its worth a million times over. It’s self-explanatory—no one’s more sorry than the guy who skipped the precautionary measures. Because, in that context, it usually implies being burnt to a crisp, poked with something sharp or losing an arm /finger/insert appendage here. The adage also rings true when considering the sale of safety items as promotional products. The stakes are understandably higher than those of other categories, and goods that don’t live up to expectations mean customers end up on the wrong side of a close call. On the other hand,