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Follow the Leaders
June 1, 2008

GEORGE W. BUSH. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Franklin D. Roosevelt. What do all these men have in common, aside from the obvious? Need another clue? These are not the only famous faces to have this shared pastime on their resume. To name but a few, Katie Couric, Madonna and Meryl Streep also have their roots in similar soil. Giving up already? These well-known folks, all at the apex of their respective industries, got their start as the original No. 1 fans—cheerleaders. The connection is no coincidence. Regardless of whether it’s yelling out cheers, dominating the box office, topping the music charts or even

Augusta Sportswear Launches New E-commerce Site
January 2, 2007

Augusta Sportswear, Augusta, Ga., has upgraded to a newly designed e-commerce site, providing added support to its diversified customer base. Key features of the new site include a convenient ordering process, close-up product views, inventory availability, e-mail notification and 24-hour access. “In a market that is moving toward online ordering as a necessity, it just made sense for us to update our system,” said Jeremy Miller, e-commerce director. “Our goal to continually meet the needs of our customers has never changed. This is just one more way to make their lives easier in a day when every minute counts.”