Silent No More
August 1, 2007

IN AMERICA’S NOT-so-distant past, there was a time of blissful and quiet ignorance. Some would say the 1950s was the climax before the fall of this silent era. It was a homogenous time, when women were expected to be housewives and men breadwinners for the family. An individual’s role in this world was unquestionable and very clearly defined. There was charity, but primarily the kind that conjures up images of 1940s era black-and-white films, a women’s auxiliary and a cause that was to be triumphed from a distance, while wearing crisp white gloves. There were a great number of taboo topics, and if they

Avaline’s Czark Appointed as Chief Financial Officer
November 29, 2006

Len Hornstein, CEO of Avaline, Parsippany, N.J., recently announced the promotion of Doug Czark to CFO. Czark, a 1986 graduate of Sacred Heart University with a B.S. in accounting, joined Avaline in 2003 as controller, and has been responsible for the design and implementation of several key information initiatives. “Doug is extremely competent and persevering,” noted Hornstein. “He has taken the initiative to improve our operations even further. We are a better organization for his many contributions and this appointment reflects his value to our business.” Of his new appointment, Czark said, “I have been fortunate in joining

How To Sell Bags
November 1, 2006

At Avaline, we know that bags are always popular choices in the industry and are promotional staples. Everyone uses bags, either for travel, shopping or business. They are great to sell to clients because they have a large area to showcase custom designs and logos, and serve as “walkie talkies”—recipients walk with the items and communicate marketing messages for all to see. Bags are items that we at Avaline say are on a “cycle.” They get lost, in need of repair, dirty and outdated, so they always need to be replaced. Because they are on this cycle, they are also items that can be

New Avaline Employee Juggles Work, School and Play
August 22, 2006

Jennifer Olivencia, the recently appointed marketing and tradeshow coordinator at Avaline, Parsipanny, N.J., will be receiving her associates degree in graphic design this year, and is expanding her hobby of jewelry design. Olivencia, who is currrently enrolled at the Kathrine Gibbs School of Business, Technology and Graphic Design in Livingston, N.J., will handle a variety of marketing and graphic design responsibilities at Avaline. “I will be designing all of the fliers, brochures and sell sheets for the company, and assisting Lynn Schatz with tradeshows,” she said. “I look forward to helping the company grow.” In her spare time, Olivencia also designs jewelry, something that

Avaline Introduces Silicone Dog Tags
August 1, 2006

Avaline, Parsippany, N.J., has put a colorful spin on the traditional military dog tag necklace.  The new dogs tags are made from bendable silicone. “Today, dog tags are a fashion accessory,” said Lynn Schatz, marketing manager. “They’re cool, trendy and stylish. Students especially have made the dog tag popular.” Avaline’s silicone dog tags are long-lasting, as well as water- and dirt-proof, and can be matched to any PMS color. They can be screen printed or debossed on one or both sides. In addition, the beaded chain is available in multiple colors. Visit www.avaline.com for more information. 

LaFalce Announces Retirement from Avaline
July 11, 2006

Steve LaFalce, vice president of sales at Avaline, Parsippany, N.J., has announced that he will be retiring from the industry at the end of the year to become a full-time golf instructor.  “After playing golf for nearly 40 years (along with social instructing at outings and events), combined with 25 years of giving promotional product presentations in this terrific industry of ours, it was only natural for me to want to combine all of these for the last phase of my life,” said LaFalce. “So actually, I won’t really be retiring, nor will I be leaving the industry.  Since travel is in my blood,

LaFalce Retires After 25 Years
July 1, 2006

Industry sales veteran Steve LaFalce, vice president of sales at Parsippany, New Jersey-based Avaline, will retire at the end of the year to pursue a longtime passion of golf instructing. “After playing golf for nearly 40 years, along with social instructing at outings and events, combined with 25 years of giving promotional product presentations, it was only natural for me to want to combine these for the last phase of my life,” he said. LaFalce will be at the helm of a new company named To You Golf Instruction. He recently obtained Master Professional Golf Instructor certification from PGTAA. Len Hornstein, CEO, and Gary