‘Til We Chat Again ...
April 22, 2008

I’ve got some good news and some great news. I’ll start with the great news first: After a tenure of 51⁄2 years, Friday, April 25 will be my last day at Promo Marketing magazine. I’ve accepted a new position as a writer at an ad agency. So, herein is my final entry to my three-month stint as a blogger (well, I suppose the part about the end of the blog might be the only bad news).

But, here’s the good news: Although I will no longer be a full-time staff editor at Promo Marketing, I will, however, continue writing for the magazine

February 1, 2008

DISTRIBUTORS WOULD DO well to check out the latest health and wellness products. From items comprised of amped-up oxygen to those that undergo rigorous testing to ensure efficacy and even those that help ease neck pain, this year’s health and wellness products have come to the aid of ailing bodies and bottom lines. A REFRESHER COURSE Ballanda Corporation, Santa Fe Springs, Calif., brings something breathtaking to the industry this year—oxygen. The company is the exclusive supplier of O+ (Oxygen Plus), a portable oxygen product that “boosts energy, increases alertness and alleviates the effects of jet lag, altitude and [hangovers],” according to

04/06 C&O Prods_Ballanda
April 1, 2006

Eat Out The phrase “eating out” takes on a whole new meaning for end-users with the 9-piece stainless-steel camp/barbecue set from Ballanda. The set includes a meat fork, a cutting board, a cooking knife, a utility knife and a ladle, as well as a can opener, a turning spatula, a vegetable peeler and a storage carrying case. The case measures 12x14" and provides a 1x3" imprint area. Markets: Travel, Bar & Restaurant, Retailers Uses: Recognize Employee, Generate Sales Leads Circle 224 on Info Card or visit infocard