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Recipes for Success
December 1, 2014

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking dinner for loved ones, making a quick snack or just enjoying a drink with friends. Using kitchen and household items as promotions adds a personal touch to advertising, and giving end-users items they will use again and again, making a lasting impression. Here are some helpful tips from around the industry on how to stir up sales with kitchen and household promotions.

3 Valentine's Day Promotions Perfect for Bars and Restaurants
January 20, 2014

Valentine's Day. Due to humanity's fundamental desire to be loved, and equally fundamental desire to not be that person watching CSI reruns with 19 adopted cats, it's a big holiday for places that serve alcohol or otherwise do their best to slay the great and terrible specter of human loneliness. Know a few bars or restaurants that might be throwing some date-night events to defeat one of life's great existential challenges? Maybe they'd be interested in a few of the items here.

Think Outside The Pillbox!
September 27, 2013

We all know a pill box is used to organize medicine and vitamins, but what if the business you are promoting has no relation to the health or medical field? Think "outside the box" for very creative ways of promoting with pill boxes and pill trays.

Old School
June 1, 2013

Every school needs pens, notebooks and backpacks. Every school has fundraisers and student events that need products. But this widespread promotional need means you will have a lot of competition. Here's how to ace school sales and tackle your competitors.

The Cool Crowd
April 12, 2013

Beverage insulators, coolers, travel mugs: three seemingly different products that actually appeal to similar markets—people on the go. Here are nine ways to use them for everyone from construction workers to office employees.

The Sunny Side of Sickness
February 15, 2013

Promotions caught the summertime sniffles? Check out this collection of some suppliers' favorite health and wellness products for ideas on combating the months of summer sickness ahead.

The Economy of Gastronomy
December 1, 2012

According to a study by the Electrolux Group, the average American family spends 175 hours a month in the kitchen, compared to just 31 hours in the living room—but you don't need statistics to see the way the kitchen has captured hearts, minds and stomachs.