Bay State Specialty Company

Product of the Day: Healthtag Pill Box from Bay State Specialty Company
October 17, 2011

Every day, there is one thing I'm guaranteed to remember and one thing I'm guaranteed to forget. I always remember to grab my keys before I leave the house. I always forget to eat healthy, exercise, take medication or do anything good for me. At least Bay State Specialty Company is trying to help me with the Healthtag Pill Box.

Supplier Excellence Awards Finalists
May 1, 2011

THE EDITORS AT Promo Marketing are thrilled to announce this year's finalists for the 2011 Supplier Excellence Awards. With so many great suppliers on the semifinalist list, it was tough deciding who in the industry is top in any given category. So this year, we put the decision making in your hands, dear distributors. We…

Home Economics
December 1, 2010

The kitchen is the epicenter of every house and the shear number of logos and brands that find their way into the kitchen will make distributor salespeople swoon.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Products
August 1, 2010

Sandwiched between the infinitely more fun winter holidays and the edgy bad-boy that is Halloween, Thanksgiving sometimes seems like that quiet kid at the winter social, awkwardly dancing by himself and mumbling apologies like, "Hey we have pumpkins too, plus other squashes …" to anyone who will listen.

Bay State Specialty Company Acquires Pressalite Line
February 25, 2010

Bay State Specialty Company, Middleboro, Mass., announced it acquired Pressalite, West Chicago, Ill., in an asset purchase. Terms of the acquisition were not released. Bay State Specialty Company, directed by Joel and Mike Moore, has been active in the promotional industry for more than 55 years

James Moore, Owner, Bay State Specialty Company Passes Away at 75
February 3, 2009

James Moore, owner of Bay State Specialty Company passed away January 23rd. His company released the following statement about its loss:

“Bay State Specialty Company, with great sadness, announces the passing of its owner and chairman, James G. Moore, at the age of 75.