Liquid Gold
May 1, 2013

Want to increase sales using mugs, tumblers and other decorated drinkware? Here are seven quick tips to ensure your mug and tumbler promotions aren't running on empty.

Product of the Day: Nose Glasses Holder Mug from Berney-Karp
July 27, 2011

How often have your clients said, "I need a product that looks uncannily like a Promo Marketing editor"? If it's as often as I think, look no further: the Nose Glasses Holder Mug from Berney-Karp is the solution to all your problems.

Parasols, Maraschino Cherries and Green Olives
April 8, 2009

Some mixed drinks stand out with ridiculous names, like “Jamaican Me Crazy” or “Sex on the Beach.” Others employ distinct and unusual ornaments, such as huge celery stalks, bright syrups or tiny paper umbrellas. These conventions likely started as a way for bartenders to brand their specialties, which was a good idea, but over time, hasn’t the luster faded a bit?