Your Pop Culture Fashion Wish List
August 29, 2012

From Tom Baker's wool scarf to Alex P. Keaton's sweater vest—what item from a TV or movie character's wardrobe is on your must-have list?

Neon Apparel versus DJ Paris Hilton
June 26, 2012

When I’m out of ideas, I have an old stand-by I like to write about—I’m talking pre-Kardashian family. I’m not a fan of guessing games, so I’ll tell you straight up: it’s like Paris Hilton, duh. Unfortunately, my material is not “Be Dazzled” appropriate, but being that it’s mid-2012, you’ve probably heard it all anyway.

Love to Love 70s Fashion
May 24, 2012

Disco is dead, along with some of its most iconic performers. But disco-era fashion is still alive and getting it's groove on with a modern twist.

Keeping Up With Kardashian Fashion Trends
May 3, 2012

There’s no eloquent way to put this, so I’m just going to say what you’re all thinking. I hate the Kardashians. Sometimes, I even love to hate them.

From Counting Sheep to the Golden Fleece
October 1, 2011

To make sure you're successful in your bedroom branding attempts, read up on what's in style, what's been successful and why robes and pajamas are sometimes just the item needed to get the promotional job done.

Boxercraft Announces Charity Contest Winners
August 31, 2011

In celebration of Bring Comfort To Your Community Day on September 1, Atlanta-based Boxercraft is donating more than 7,000 new garments to the 10 winners of its charity contest.

Graduate Studies
July 1, 2011

The iconography of the college logo is something you should be familiar with. We've all seen at least two minutes of a college sports game, so we all have an idea of how big a role college-branded apparel plays in student life.