Bright of America

Fashion Sense and Sensibility
May 19, 2009

Despite the tendency to “go big or go home” on the runways of New York’s Fall Fashion Week, it’s important to keep things in perspective. At least designers weren’t insisting we accessorize with a live snake or a headdress made out of bubble wrap. This time.

Live from Las Vegas
January 22, 2008

8:37a.m. — Bright and early, here’s your loyal correspondent, blogging live from the PPAI Fashion & Accessories Show. Despite its 8:30 a.m. starting time, there’s a more-than-adequate turnout, though according to a few of my row companions, it’s considerably less than years past. The coffee hasn’t yet dispersed through my system, and I can kind of see how this could be that much more fun with cocktails instead.
8:41 — The lights dim 10 minutes late, and I can’t help but think of Marc Jacobs’ two-hours-overdue N.Y. Fashion Week opening. Good to know our industry can keep “fashionably late” from approaching diva-like proportions!

When Street Meets Smart Dressing
May 1, 2007

URBAN APPAREL HAS been, for a long time, the preferred dress for younger consumers labeled part of the “Hip-Hop” or “MTV” generation. Bright, intricate prints, flashy embellishments, and both baggier fits as well as closer, truer fits to the body are trademarks of urban apparel. Certainly, plunging neck lines, shorter midriffs and tighter everything have taken up residence in urban fashion circles. How does this translate to promotional products? According to Chloe Yoon, CEO of Paramount, California-based Unplugged Label, it translates well. “Urban wear [offers a] mostly comfortable and very relaxed fit, so anyone can wear it,” she said. “It fits the promotional industry because

How To Sell Surfboard Beach Towels
November 1, 2006

There are few places on earth that make people feel as calm, serene and relaxed as the beach. The breaking waves, the sand in your toes, the vivid colors of sea and sun and, of course, surfing. Who doesn’t like the beach? Surf and beach products continue to explode in the marketplace—and they are not market-specific anymore. Board Towelz Surfboard beach towels are the perfect item to bring the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the beach into any promotion. Bright colors, fun prints, soft terry and a patented shape all combine to make these beach towels the most original and memorable product to hit