Canyon Outback Leather Goods

Beacon Promotions Announces 24-hour Service
March 5, 2012

Beacon Promotions Inc. announced its "NEW" 24-hour service available on its entire line of Beacon Brand Builder products. Gary Haley, Beacon's President, said "This is an incredibly strong offering with over 200 products that we will ship in 24 hours. We realize there are times when your clients need an order in a hurry so we are prepared and ready to service that need." Brett Olsen, Director of Customer Service went on to say, "Beacon has offered 24 hour service for a long time on an order by order basis. I'm excited to extend this service on all Brand Builders products to all distributors."

Beacon Promotions Expands Sales Team
February 23, 2012

Beacon Promotions Inc. announced the addition of three inside sales representatives to its sales department, demonstrating a commitment to help distributor sales people grow their business.

Beacon Promotions Inc. Launches New Canyon Outback Leather Goods Website
November 15, 2011

Beacon Promotions Inc. recently announced the launch of a new Canyon Outback Leather Goods website,

The website allows users to view by Canadian or by U.S. pricing, and also lets users search by price point, category or keyword. New features include a section for specials and a section for closeouts.

Just One Look, That's All it Took
June 1, 2010

When anyone walks into a room, the first thing people notice is his or her appearance. If he or she is sporting a polished look when entering the room, the opinion of the masses will be that the guy or gal who just walked in is on top of his or her game.

Shoulder On
June 18, 2009

Canyon Outback Leather Goods—Sage Creek Handbag

I'll admit it, I multitask even when it's not necessarily appropriate to do so. On any given morning, I'm usually holding a bag, drinking my coffee, texting, mentally calculating how long before I get blisters from the new shoes I'm probably wearing, applying mascara, making an omelet—all as I walk to work. When I say "multitasking," I'm not kidding about the number of tasks that are completed. However, with this bag, and its long shoulder strap, I can just sling it across my body and finish knitting that scarf I started this morning.
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