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Party Favors, Corporate Style
August 1, 2011

Despite the fiscal whining for the last three years, corporations are still dropping plenty of cash on annual training retreats and other large-scale gatherings. Among the great destinations, gifted speakers and gratuitous meals, companies will need one more thing: an absolute ton of stuff.

With Promotional Time Pieces, Time Is On Your Side
September 29, 2010

This week Promo Marketing Threads takes a look at a few different promotional watch styles. Whether it be an end of the year corporate gift or a thank you for that swanky fundraiser, promotional time pieces are hard to be beat.

It’s About Time
September 1, 2010

Time is money, and promotional clocks and watches are money makers that you can count on.

Watching the Trends
September 1, 2009

SINCE THEIR INCEPTION, watches have always been important fashion accessories. Now, however, with the rise of new time-telling devices like cell phones, computers and even music players, watches are more defined by how they serve personal style. Below, a few timepiece experts from our industry give tips on how to best incorporate fashion into watch promotions by explaining a few current style trends.

How To Sell Watches for Corporate Gift-Giving
November 1, 2006

How often do you look at your watch throughout the course of a day—15 times, 30 times, more? On average, people check their watches 36 times per day! Every time that watch is looked at, the wearer is reminded why the watch was received, whether it was as a corporate gift, a sales award or a milestone gift. And there is even greater impact if there is a logo imprinted on the dial. Do you remember your grandfather’s watch? He had only one that he wore for every occasion. Today, most people own several watches to coordinate with their wardrobe. People want watches to