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The Future of Looking Good
December 1, 2009

New styles? Again? Didn't we just go through this last year? Well, yes, but keeping up on this stuff is important, we promise. True, you may be able to get by on selling the basics season after season, but playing it safe has its risks. For one, the longer you neglect keeping up on style…

2010 Style Guide Teaser
October 20, 2009

I thought this week I would post a little teaser of the style guide I'm writing for our December issue. Since I have a little more time than usual to work on my stories, I ended up collecting a bit more material in my interviews than what's likely going to see print. I hate wasting good information, so I've picked one interview, of the many I really liked, which might not get the attention it deserves in the print version of the story, and presented it below in a Q and A format. Enjoy, and look for the full story this December!

Do Gooders!
June 19, 2009

It’s easy to pigeonhole social responsibility into being about nothing more than driving a hybrid and saving old growth forests. The green movements power and celebrity, while valuable, can overshadow the other acts of human kindness that sustain societies as much as clean air, food and water.On both the supplier and distributor side of the…

Choose knits for women.
June 18, 2009

Although wovens are the traditional choice, particularly for corporate apparel, pointing clients toward knits can increase the odds a promotion makes its way into a woman's everyday wardrobe. Since they have to be nipped and tucked all over to create a form-fitting silhouette, "The wovens are really tough," explained Gina Gaudet, director of design at Medford, Massachusetts-based Charles River Apparel. She suggested to look for a woman's polo that has darts at the bust and tapers in at the waist.

Every Body, Everywhere
June 4, 2009

I love when body parts make a "comeback." Isn't it great? Like, no one had legs until shorts became popular again a couple years ago.

Fall Favorite
June 4, 2009

Charles River Apparel—Women's Freeport Microfleece Pullover: Good news! Fleece doesn't have to be shapeless! As you can see from the image, the item is semi-fitted, which means end-users can keep cozy without looking like they raided the wardrobe of a giant. Nothing reads, "Don't take me seriously," like an ill-fitting garment, after all. What's more, fleece is a naturally forgiving fabric so it can accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
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The Feminine Mystique
May 19, 2009

Go find a cardboard box. It can be square or rectangular. Then, grab a piece of paper (newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, doesn’t matter). Wrap the box. Even those who, during the holiday wrapping bonanza, invariably find themselves covered in little scraps and pieces of tape—not to mention the proud giver of a misshapen, lumpy gift—will agree this is (conceptually) a fairly easy task.