Clegg Industries

Clegg Industries is Now CleggPromo
November 11, 2008

In an effort to be more consistent with its product line and the marketplace it serves, Clegg Industries announced it has changed its name to CleggPromo. The Los Angeles-based supplier of sound, light and fun promotional products is relaunching its brand in tandem with a significant introduction of new product lines, and as part of an overall effort to better reflect the marketplace it serves. For more information on CleggPromo, visit

Clegg Brings On New Veeps, Adds Sales Staff
September 23, 2008

Michael Bistocchi was recently rehired at Torrance, California-based Clegg Industries after spending the last six years on the distributor side of the industry. Bistocchi was most recently director of sales at top 40 distributorship PromoShop. Bistocchi returns to Clegg as vice president of sales. “Working with the likes of Memo Kahan, Jim Buescher, Bob Levitt, Kris Robinson and Tad Webster was like being part of the first team [industry] distributor all stars,” Bistocchi said. “The knowledge, experience and creativity flowing in and out of that place was amazing. It was a daily dose of sales, marketing and creativity with some of the top

Fastbadge Comes Fighting Back
September 9, 2008

Slidell, Louisiana-based Fastbadge announced it has reopened its doors after Hurricane Gustav forced mandatory closures and evacuations. While the company is still experiencing limited pick-up services from FedEx and the United Parcel Service, the company stressed the limitations would be short-lived and further that it is currently shipping some orders. Fastbadge thanks customers for showing further patience as the final few employees return to town and the company returns to a full workforce.
For more information on Fastbadge, visit
Greater China Holds Steady
Greater China Industries, based in Bellvue, Wash., announced it will honor 2008 prices for distributors on the next price quote