Dard Products

QCA Momentum Continues with Five New Applicants
March 16, 2010

Five additional suppliers have applied to participate in the accreditation program developed by the Chicago-based Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), the promotional product industry’s only independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping companies provide safe products.

Bright Ideas … Part 2
March 19, 2009

Last year was so chock-full of great ideas, we couldn't fit them all into our 2009 Sales Outlook. Below, you'll find the tips we just couldn't squeeze in.

Inoculation and Mutation
October 1, 2008

ON JULY 10, 2008, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), a large trade organization of pharmaceutical companies, substantially revised its governing code. Among other changes, PhRMA banned the use of promotional products intended for health-care professionals, with the exception of items purely educational in purpose. Slated to take effect January 1, 2009, the new code will cut the once-vast array of promotional products available to the pharmaceutical industry down to a few select items. Given these major changes, many distributors are surely wondering what their next move should be. To help explain which promotional items pharmaceutical companies are still interested in purchasing,

If Not You,Then Who Will Guard the Global Village?
September 23, 2008

Kathie Lee Gifford changed everything. Whether she understood what was happening or not, her role in the 1995 Wal-Mart clothing sweatshop scandal was invaluable. “She was dragged into this thing kicking and screaming. But she really helped start the anti-sweatshop campaign. [In doing so,] she educated a country of 300 million people,” explained Charles Kernaghan, executive director of the National Labor Committee, a nonprofit watchdog group with a mission to protect the rights of workers around the world. Kernaghan’s group exposed the abuses occurring within the factory walls, and later would initiate an almost-obligatory United States corporate behavioral shift from simple, bottom-line profit and

Dard Products Gets Foster Children Ready for School
August 16, 2006

In response to a local newspaper article requesting help in furnishing supplies to local foster children with limited back-to-school resources, Dard Products, Evanston, Ill., provided hundreds of its school-related products to the Lake County Charities Office Foster Care Department. The company contributed products from its sizeable Tagmaster line, including staplers, rulers and pens, which were received in time for the upcoming school year. This act of charity was not the first for the family-owned company. Last year, after the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, Dard Products donated a variety of its safety and emergency items to aid hurricane