Cover Up
June 4, 2009

Dunbrooke—Lady Savannah: Waists had a big moment at Fall Fashion Week—here at Promo Marketing, puns about waists are also having their moment in the sun. Haste makes waist, you know. It high time you all start working on your waist management, because as everyone's grandmother can attest, waist not, want not. Am I right? Anyway, this coat embodies the trend while still giving end-users a choice. They can cinch the drawcord for an on-trend hourglass shape, or they can just leave it for a go-anywhere, chic raincoat.

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Fashion Sense and Sensibility
May 19, 2009

Despite the tendency to “go big or go home” on the runways of New York’s Fall Fashion Week, it’s important to keep things in perspective. At least designers weren’t insisting we accessorize with a live snake or a headdress made out of bubble wrap. This time.

Dunbrooke Promotes Buckner and Adds Reps
March 17, 2009

Buckner has been with Dunbrooke since the summer of 2007, first serving as a telemarketing sales representative and then as marketing and merchandising coordinator. [...] Dunbrooke announced the expansion of territories and that new multiline representatives have joined the Dunbrooke sales team.

From the Ground Up
February 1, 2009

SOME MAY HAVE bad memories of buying that first car. For others, recollections of purchasing a bum computer, house or even a bottle of weight-loss pills could be what’s causing all those late-night anxiety attacks. A broken guarantee here, a promise fallen through there, and suddenly all that’s left is a car repair bill in the thousands and lingering doubts that the dusty ten-speed bike can make it to the office.

Dunbrooke Announces Extended Partnership with Reebok International LTD
September 30, 2008

Independence, Missouri-based Dunbrooke Apparel Corp. and Reebok International LTD announced the companies have extended their promotional partnership through 2011. Under the terms of the partnership, Dunbrooke will continue to serve as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of all Reebok branded apparel, headgear and bags for the promotional products industry. Dunbrooke also continues to be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of all co-branded apparel for the NFL, NBA, and NHL professional sport leagues.   About Dunbrooke Apparel: Dunbrooke Apparel Corp is a manufacturer of apparel for American business. Dunbrooke maintains its embroidery and distribution facilities in El Dorado Springs, Miss. For more information on

Dunbrooke Brings Multiple Reps On Board
September 9, 2008

Independence, Missouri-based supplier Dunbrooke announced it has named multiple employee to new positions. Each new hire is responsible for both the promotional products and decorating markets and appears listed below: • Andy Bennett of Bennett Sales was named the outside sales representative in Northern Texas and Okla. • Dee Bennett of Bennett Sales was named outside sales representative in Southern Texas • Joe Privitera was named to the inside sales manager position for Va., W. Va., Minn., N.D., S.D., Wyo., Mont., Idaho and Ore. • Shaun Wilson was named outside sales representative for Colo. • Tammy Flippo was named inside sales manager for

A Coat for All Seasons
September 1, 2008

What does Sir Thomas More have to do with coats? Nothing, actually. But, to get literary for a second, “A Man for All Seasons” was the title of a play about him, written in 1954 by Robert Bolt, and naturally, brought to film in 1966. Neither one of these have anything to do with coats, though, either. The phraseology surrounding him, however? Well, that’s another story. Should coats somehow become personified, the idiom so closely associated with More could very easily apply. Why? Because, simply, they allow companies to advertise year-round with their employees as spokespeople, affirmed Alisa Buckner, merchandise and marketing director at

‘Til We Chat Again ...
April 22, 2008

I’ve got some good news and some great news. I’ll start with the great news first: After a tenure of 51⁄2 years, Friday, April 25 will be my last day at Promo Marketing magazine. I’ve accepted a new position as a writer at an ad agency. So, herein is my final entry to my three-month stint as a PromoMarketing.com blogger (well, I suppose the part about the end of the blog might be the only bad news).

But, here’s the good news: Although I will no longer be a full-time staff editor at Promo Marketing, I will, however, continue writing for the magazine