Across the Keyboard
March 1, 2014

It seems like a new smartphone/tablet/e-reader/watch/time machine is introduced every month, which makes products for earlier models seem outdated to users. That custom iPhone 3 case isn't giving many impressions at the bottom of a junk drawer, now is it?

How To Sell Custom Appliqués
November 1, 2006

The usefulness of egrips® appliqués guarantees that they will stay on recipients’ phones. And the size, attractiveness and placement of the appliqué ensures that your message will stay on their minds! The large area combined with four-color process digital graphics allows your contact information, slogan and logo to be very visible. And with how many times cell phones are used in our daily lives, your message will be seen over and over again for many months, if not years! The customized, four-color process card presents the client’s full message, offering the complete advertisement. Appliqués are excellent promotional tools for a variety of industries, and