Evans Manufacturing

What's the Point ...Really??
April 4, 2013

Some of you might think, what's the point of being involved with a Regional Association...Really?? I'm busy, why do I need to leave my office for these Association events? How does this benefit ME? That's a good question and we will touch on the answer.

What Do I Want My Life to Look Like?
October 4, 2012

What makes a good life? Is it lots of money to buy "stuff" you want? Or, is a good life made up of faith, family and friends?

Neon Apparel versus DJ Paris Hilton
June 26, 2012

When I’m out of ideas, I have an old stand-by I like to write about—I’m talking pre-Kardashian family. I’m not a fan of guessing games, so I’ll tell you straight up: it’s like Paris Hilton, duh. Unfortunately, my material is not “Be Dazzled” appropriate, but being that it’s mid-2012, you’ve probably heard it all anyway.

Evans Manufacturing Announces Collaboration With Jo-Bee Line, Acquires Machinery
June 13, 2012

Evans Manufacturing announced today a collaborative effort between itself and Economy Pen and Pencil Company/Jo-Bee. In conjunction with the closing of Jo-Bee's Shelbyville facility, Evans will be acquiring a collection of the best-selling Jo-Bee products and machinery in an effort to assure the tradition of good service and quality that are synonymous with the Jo-Bee brand.

The Active Retired
December 1, 2011

In a recent report, the CDC stated the average person turning 65 today can expect to live to be 85. So with a lot of life left in them, when considering a senior living promotional campaign, forget sedentary and go for products with an active twist.

Product of the Day: The Spoon Hold-It from Evans Manufacturing
November 8, 2011

Fact: Even if all someone cooks is the "bachelor special," aka "rice and beans in a pot," a person still needs a clean place to put his spoon (mostly because the typical counter-washing timetable for the rice-and-bean types is once every 4,000 years). So do your part and keep lonely bachelor salmonella poisonings to a minimum with The Spoon Hold-It from Evans Manufacturing.

Product of the Day: Munch-it Clip from Evans Manufacturing
August 25, 2011

The Munch-it Clip from Evans Manufacturing is great for reminding people to visit their dentist because it looks just like real teeth. Except that it isn't coffee stained. Or filled with silver. And it doesn't get that weird clicking sound in the jaw. And... I think I should go to the dentist.

Top 50 Suppliers
July 1, 2011

2011 Rank 2010 Rank Company 2010 Revenue 2009 Revenue Employees Locations Principal City, State1 1 Broder Bros. $791,335,000 $705,235,000 1,039 18 Tom Myers, CEO Trevose, PA2 2/5 Ennis/Alstyle Apparel $550,000,000 $517,738,000 6,100 40 Keith Walters, Midlothian, TX chairman/CEO/president3 3 Norwood & BIC $385,000,000 $410,000,000 - - Nicolas Paillot, CEO Clearwater, FL Graphic North America4 4…

Evans Manufacturing Introduces Writing Instrument Line
June 21, 2011

Alan Vaught, CEO of Evans Manufacturing Inc., Garden Grove, Calif., announced the introduction of Evans Writing Instruments, a new line of quality pens, with specially formulated high-grade ballpoint ink.