Fey Line

There’s No Place Like Home
May 1, 2007

WHETHER IT’S BUILDING or selling one, for those in the real estate and construction industries, there’s just no place like home. While promoting oneself can be just as hard as battling flying monkeys and wicked witches, red ruby slippers aren’t the only thing that can get advertisers to that fabled other side of the rainbow. There are a variety of products available for clients in the real estate and construction industries, and they run the gamut from tried-and-true market mainstays to high-end, custom-made works of art. For Michelle Fey-Mitchell, vice president of marketing, and Mike Fey, vice president of sales at Fey Line, a vinyl

How To Sell Ring Binders
November 1, 2006

Ring binders are a non-seasonal product and appropriate for virtually all industries you service. When you mix the wide range of markets for ring binders with a multitude of uses, you will find each of your current customers has a potential need for ring binders. Additionally, these products enjoy regular reorders, which can translate into an extra $1,000 to $2,000 per month in annuity income. There are literally thousands of dollars exchanged each day in the buying and selling of three-ring binders. The binder business is big and lucrative, and too much of the business is going to the giant retail stores and

Fey Line Adds Two Territory Managers
June 27, 2006

Fey Line, Edgerton, Minn., has added territory managers Brenda Banks and Kristina Meulebroeck to its team of sales professionals. “Brenda and Kristina will be strong assets to the Fey Line sales team,” said Mike Fey, vice president of sales. “They both want to support our company’s mission of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations, and they can’t wait to get to know our customers better.” Banks, who has a strong background in sales and customer service, will be responsible for managing the central United States region. She will be based at company headquarters in Edgerton. Meulebroeck, who was promoted from customer support representative, will manage