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Do Gooders!
June 19, 2009

It’s easy to pigeonhole social responsibility into being about nothing more than driving a hybrid and saving old growth forests. The green movements power and celebrity, while valuable, can overshadow the other acts of human kindness that sustain societies as much as clean air, food and water.On both the supplier and distributor side of the…

Bright Ideas … Part 2
March 19, 2009

Last year was so chock-full of great ideas, we couldn't fit them all into our 2009 Sales Outlook. Below, you'll find the tips we just couldn't squeeze in.

Slow Economy? Simply Slam-dunk Sales
July 1, 2008

THE CULTURE OF sport is everywhere. In the boardroom, managers are quarterbacking projects while employees take care of basic blocking and tackling. Good political speeches are home runs and off the field, everyone knows the terms “chip shot” and “gimme.” In light of this, Promo Marketing talked to three industry experts about the state of selling team and sport products with special emphasis on how distributors can continue to prosper with an economy that has lost a step or two. CONTROL THE PACE OF THE GAME Whether it’s grinding out a nine-minute drive before halftime in football or putting pressure on the ball

Rocky Road
May 6, 2008

Astronomical gas prices. Food shortages. Global warming. It’s feeling a little apocalyptic out here, no?
In case you happen to have missed the news, are evading the stock market or avoiding all human contact—there’s this economy thing going on right now and people are kind of freaking out.
The possible imminency of a recession is palpably affecting the retail sector, according to the Women’s Wear Daily Web site,
Obviously, the real question is how/if it will affect the wearables contingent of the ad specialties industry. I think we’re all fairly confident the T-shirt will remain a sound investment. However, does a slowdown

Dry Goods
May 1, 2008

Moisture-wicking fabric wins the performance-wear popularity contest. APERSON ONLY has to consider the steadiness of antiperspirant and umbrella sales in this country to know that, from a comfort standpoint, an overabundance of moisture just isn’t OK for the average human. Maybe it’s simple biology. Orangutans—primates with whom we share around 95 percent of our genetic makeup—are known to craft rain hats out of leaves. But regardless of how clever these friendly apes might be, they’ve yet to come up with any solutions for the sweating thing. Such know-how can only be a byproduct of that last 5 percent of uniquely Homo sapien

GAME Varsity Jackets Hit The Stage with Wyclef Jean
March 18, 2008

Yorktown Heights, New York-based GAME Sportswear, an apparel supplier specializing in athletic jackets, teamwear and workwear for more the 30 years, announced that its made in the USA varsity jackets have a starring role in the music videos, stage shows and TV appearances of international music star Wyclef Jean. “The initial order was for purple and white varsity jackets to be featured in the video for the song ‘Sweetest Girl.’” said Les Tandler, GAME executive vice president. “We then received an order for several dozen more of a new color combination and decoration design for a second video for the song “Fast Car”

GAME Makes Major Apparel Donation
March 4, 2008

GAME Sportswear, based in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., an apparel supplier specializing in athletic jackets, team wear and workwear for more than 30 years, announced that it has donated several hundred thousand dollars in merchandise to a number of worthy charities. “Every year we donate a significant quantity of first-quality garments to domestic and international charitable organizations. With 2007 being our best year ever, we made a concerted effort to greatly expand the scope of our donation program. We are very fortunate, yet there are so many people in need out there that we can’t ever take it for granted,” said Rico Genovese, founder and

2008 Style Preview
December 1, 2007

FORGET THE FOUR SEASONS. 2008’s fashion forecast is all about states of mind. Better-cut styles will have wearers exuding confidence. Reinvigorated color choices illustrate newfound energy. Going corporate takes a turn toward the future, while organic looks keep consumers’ feet and thoughts on terra firma. Below, suppliers take stock of their offerings for the industry’s most fashion-friendly new year in recent history. “For 2008, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Missy division, which features basic to fashionable apparel that is cut to fit the everyday woman. Nine new styles will be available at the start of the year.” —Dean Vuong, vice

GAME Sportswear Sponsors LPGA Tour Winner
March 27, 2007

GAME Sportswear, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., an apparel supplier specializing in athletic jackets, teamwear and workwear, recently announced Meaghan Francella, who GAME is sponsoring on the LPGA Tour, has won the MasterCard Classic in Mexico, beating world-famous golfer Annika Sorenstam in a tie-breaker earlier this month. “We are both happy and proud of what Meaghan has accomplished at 24 years of age and in the very beginning of her tour career,” noted Rico Genovese, president. “It’s rewarding to be part of giving a local young woman a chance to compete and succeed on an international stage. I was also gratified to see her wearing

S&S Activewear to Host Ninth Annual Open House
January 25, 2007

S&S Activewear, Bolingbrook, Ill., will host its ninth-annual Open House on Fri., April 27, from 1 to 8 p.m. The day-long event will include an up-close look at the company’s newest brands: Alo, Code V, French Toast, Game Sportswear, Redsand and Stormtech. Tours of S&S Activewear’s 454,000-sq.-ft. warehouse and office facility will also be given. The Open House will also feature a trade show format with representatives from the leading mills in the industry, in addition to a 30-minute runway fashion show, dinner and live music, as well as special promotions, giveaways and prizes. For more information, call (800) 523-2155 or visit