Breaking News: Industry Leaders Create Quality Certification Alliance
January 13, 2009

Key leaders in the promotional products industry today announced the formation of the Quality Certification Alliance, LLC (QCA), an independent, nongovernmental organization dedicated to elevating the standard in providing consistently safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Executives from the organization’s founding companies officially launched QCA today at the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo in Las Vegas. The QCA certification process assures merchandise manufactured, imprinted and imported by member companies conforms to established domestic and international product laws, regulations and standards. QCA has garnered wide support from numerous suppliers and distributors, including Avaline; Barton

Bodek and Rhodes Adds Six New Lines
October 7, 2008

Philadelphia-based Bodek and Rhodes, one of the leading wholesalers of imprintable activewear, recently announced the addition of six new brands of apparel and accessories to its 2009 lineup. With the early release of their annual catalog in November, Bodek and Rhodes will now offer a total of 36 brands. “It’s all about giving our customers and their clients the choices and variety they deserve,” said Mike Rhodes, president. “We’re ... making sure we’ve got the hot names people are looking for like Adidas Golf, which is new for us this year. We’re also making sure we’ve got a variety of styles and accessories to

See You In Chicago
July 18, 2008

With near 100 degree heat here in Philadelphia, it’s safe to say a short trip to the Windy City will be a nice break. As an editor, I always look forward to checking out what new products are out there as well as seeing some familiar faces. Hopefully I will get a chance to talk to many of you about some of the new and exciting things happening with and get your feedback on what you need from us to run your business better. See you all there.
Other Industry News:
Top Brands Adds Lufkin Tape Measures
Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based Top Brands Inc. announced

2007 Supplier Excellence Awards
July 1, 2007

LOYALTY HOLDS POWERFUL sway over many people’s actions. It is difficult to settle for good when the best is just a little further. Loyalty will see the extra mile traveled, the extra call made and the extra cost paid. Often, it is a result of superior quality or superior service, while other times familiarity can be held accountable, and yet other people will have a simple affection toward a brand. This is the dream of any corporation: To be known of not as a source, but as the definitive source for a commodity. Promotional Marketing’s 2007 Supplier Excellence Awards recognize the best in more