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365 Days of Drinkware
April 1, 2011

How to best use drinkware comes down to a million different factors, all kinds of whys and hows and whats that could be written about endlessly.

Survive & Thrive
June 19, 2009

DABBLE A bit in the philosophical realm, the term “golden mean” is often applied in the discussion of ethics for the greater good of society. It is said to be the ideal middle ground between two extreme points of view and many of the world’s greatest thinkers—from Aristotle to Confucius—have touched upon it in their teachings.

Breaking News: Industry Leaders Create Quality Certification Alliance
January 13, 2009

Key leaders in the promotional products industry today announced the formation of the Quality Certification Alliance, LLC (QCA), an independent, nongovernmental organization dedicated to elevating the standard in providing consistently safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Executives from the organization’s founding companies officially launched QCA today at the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo in Las Vegas. The QCA certification process assures merchandise manufactured, imprinted and imported by member companies conforms to established domestic and international product laws, regulations and standards. QCA has garnered wide support from numerous suppliers and distributors, including Avaline; Barton

Liquid Success
April 1, 2007

TO GET AN idea of how much coffee is consumed by Americans, consider the case of researchers in the Seattle area. Thinking they could trace the flow of pollutants in the Puget Sound and the currents that carried them, scientists began taking caffeine samples. Unfortunately, the amount of caffeine proved so great it made the data unusable. According to an Associated Press article, caffeine was found in more than 160 of 216 samples in water as deep as 640 feet. Where did all the caffeine come from? Human bladders and coffee spilled on the street. Meanwhile, the Web site coffeereasearch.org reports “The National Coffee Association

How To Serve Clients’ Promotional Marketing Needs
November 1, 2006

We can help you stay affordable and increase your business in more ways than one. You can offer cutting-edge, unique and stylish products that are precisely tailored to your client’s brand identity and target markets, and at very affordable prices. In addition, you can be qualified to take advantage of EQP pricing and our optional QuickShip program. Most of our products are sent in a beautiful gift box, which enhances their value. We also offer virtual spec to help your client visualize the final product. Looking for something that no one else has? With more than 30 years of sourcing experience and capabilities, we