Hickory Farms

Product of the Day: Gourmet Steak Gift Set from Hickory Farms
September 1, 2011

This Monday is Labor Day, when Americans celebrate all of the women who have gone through labor by grilling steaks and... wait, what? That's not what it's about? Well, can I eat this Hickory Farms Gourmet Steak Gift Set anyway? OK, cool.

Eat Your Heart Out
August 1, 2007

FOOD SEEMS TO be a favorite topic in circles of every kind. It is discussed in boardrooms across the country and in bedrooms late at night. After reporting to work following a fun-filled weekend, one of the fondest memories is usually the dining experiences one had, or wished to have. It is precisely for these reasons edibles are stand-out promotional products. What better way to get people talking about one’s brand, products or services than by serving up irresistible food items? Distributors who take heed will have more than their fair share of the profits available with edible promotions. “Everyone loves food and candy,” observed