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Trendy Tumblers
May 22, 2015

As people mind their wallets and the environment, reusable drinkware options continue to rise. End-users are more likely to keep using the free mug or tumbler they received, and that means a lot of eyes on your client’s logo. We spoke to three of the industry’s top drinkware suppliers to find out what trends end-users will appreciate the most.

Editor’s Picks: Not Just a Cup
July 24, 2013

3 promotional cups perfect for recreating (and adding a logo) to Anna Kendrick's performance of "Cups" in Pitch Perfect.

Mug Shots
May 1, 2012

Ten tips from today's top suppliers that will keep your mug and tumbler sales flowing like that double soy mocha decaf no foam extra espresso latte. Or coffee.

My 10 Favorite Shot Glasses
March 16, 2012

Just in time for the whiskey-drinkingest day of the year, St. Patrick's Day, my favorite promotional shot glasses.

Product of the Day: 1 Liter German Beer Mug from HOWW Manufacturing
August 17, 2011

One month from today is my favorite holiday, Oktoberfest. Can't get out of work to fly to Germany? Just pick up this 1 Liter German Beer Mug from HOWW Manufacturing for a month-long celebration of drinking at your desk. Drinking coffee, of course. Crisp, golden coffee.

Drink and Drive Sales
May 1, 2008

VARIETY MIGHT VERY well be the spice of life, but as seasoned chefs can confirm, too much of a good thing often ruins the pot. The perfect accompaniment deliciously complements, without overpowering, a main course. Not unlike the contents of the kitchen spice rack, “Drinkware comes in many different sizes, colors and price points, so it makes a perfect option in almost every distributor presentation,” said Brian P. Padian, vice president of inside sales at Tustin, California-based Logomark. Yet, in creating success-ful drinkware promotions, distributors can benefit from the discretion, foresight and planning of the most elite culinary artists to find the right

How To Sell Unique Promotional Drinkware
November 1, 2006

We offer an assortment of office products, including thermal travel mugs and tumblers with foil or printed inserts (spot color and four-color process digital printing available). Fill a 12 oz. candy jar with your favorite treat and it makes the perfect gift for new clients. Our desk caddy is ideal for banks, hospitals, schools, offices or any professional organization. The desk caddy is available imprinted or with foil or printed inserts. HOWW compartment glassware products are fun and unique gifts for any occasion. The theme of your choice fits in any one of our four compartment products: 16 oz. mug, 12 oz. coffee mug,

How To Sell Light-Up Drinkware
November 1, 2006

When your message is imprinted on our lighted products, not only will it stand out in the crowd, but people will be asking to take it home with them. These products can be both fun and elegant, making them the perfect products for any promotion. Your piece will be the talk of the event. Looking for something to increase sales of liquor and mixed drinks? These cups are sure to get the sales flowing. People will be asking what drink they need to order to get the cool lighted cups! As an added bonus, your bar, nightclub or restaurant’s logo and information go home