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Promo Marketing Launches New Power Meetings Website
February 8, 2013

The newly designed Promo Marketing Power Meetings website is now live at The new site aims to inform qualifying distributors and suppliers about Promo Marketing's marquee industry event that brings together top-tier promotional products distributors and suppliers.

Top 50 Suppliers
July 1, 2011

2011 Rank 2010 Rank Company 2010 Revenue 2009 Revenue Employees Locations Principal City, State1 1 Broder Bros. $791,335,000 $705,235,000 1,039 18 Tom Myers, CEO Trevose, PA2 2/5 Ennis/Alstyle Apparel $550,000,000 $517,738,000 6,100 40 Keith Walters, Midlothian, TX chairman/CEO/president3 3 Norwood & BIC $385,000,000 $410,000,000 - - Nicolas Paillot, CEO Clearwater, FL Graphic North America4 4…

The Business of Giving
August 1, 2010

Gift-giver's block. Like writer's block, except instead of lack of words, it's defined by having no idea what to get your great aunt Melba for her birthday.

2010 Top 50 Supplier List
July 1, 2010

2010 Rank 2009 Rank Company 2009 Revenue 2008 Revenue Employees Locations Principal City, State 1 1 Broder Bros. $688,000,000 $903,000,000 - 19 Tom Myers, CEO Trevose, PA 2 2 Ennis $584,029,000 $610,610,000 5,200 40 Keith Walters, chairman/CEO Midlothian, TX 3 4/7 Norwood & BIC $410,000,000 n/a 2,300 7 Quenten Wentworth, Clearwater, FL Graphic North America…

Top 10 Father’s Day Promotions
April 1, 2010

FATHER'S DAY. A day for eating steak and watching sports? Definitely*. Is it also a day full of potential for promotional products? We're pretty sure that's a yes**.

A Room of Its Own
December 1, 2009

"HOME IS WHERE the heart is," may be perfectly cute and philosophical as far as generic cultural idioms go, but ?information-laden it is not. After all, the home is a big place, so where exactly in the house might the "heart" be? The kitchen?

Incentive Concepts Announces Brian Rivolta, Vice President Strategic Partnerships
July 8, 2008

St. Louis, Missouri-based Incentive Concepts LLC, a national premium supplier for the finest in premiums, incentives and corporate gifts, announces Brian Rivolta’s promotion to vice president, strategic partnerships, effective August 1, 2008. Rivolta is responsible for creating and organizing Incentive Concepts’ resources to maximize mutual successes. “Brian is a strategic thinker driven by success, which is evident in his development,” stated Jeff Reinberg, president. Established in 1986, Incentive Concepts delivers the highest quality product, service and value to the premium and incentive industry. Since the early years, Incentive Concepts has enjoyed a continued growth pattern. Incentive Concepts has never lost sight of its entrepreneurial

Who in the World is Ned Ludd?
May 1, 2008

MAN OR MYTH, fact or fiction, Ned Ludd is oft-cited as the inspiration for the Luddite movement of early 19th century England. A supposed simpleton, Ludd was fabled to have destroyed two automated looms, epitomizing and inspiring the coming Luddite revolt against the machinery of the industrial revolution. The Luddites believed technological advances hurt their livelihood—as automated machines required fewer artisans—and rallied to slow their progress, smashing equipment in the name of the working man. Centuries later, the Luddite movement survives, often referred to as neo-Luddites, who rally against computers, cell phones and other gadgets that can be considered the automated loom of the

Holiday Time Flies
August 1, 2007

IN 1905 ALBERT Einstein published his theory of special relativity. The theory, which has since been proven correct by experiments, revealed one of the most startling truths about the way the world works: Time changes depending on who is observing it. It seems counter-intuitive when dwelled upon, but most people have experienced it in some way. Einstein himself described the phenomena to the masses with a quirky analogy. He said if a person touches something hot for a minute, it will seem like an hour, but if he or she sits with a lover for an hour, it will seem like a minute. “That’s

May 24, 2007

On July 31, Barry Hana, vice president of sales and marketing at Incentive Concepts (IC), Maryland Heights, Mo., will retire. The company has selected Vince McDonald as Hana’s successor, effective Aug. 1. In addition, Marsha Brooks, former IC marketing director, has become a regional sales director. Dan Evans and Brian Rivolta continue as regional sales directors, and Diane Fleetwood joined IC as marketing communications manager in late January, from Bausch and Lomb. McDonald is a 30-year veteran of the incentive and promotional products business. He has worked on a national basis with the full range of IC’s customer base, and has extensive experience