Jornik Manufacturing

Jornik Now Supervising and Fulfilling Funco Orders
July 18, 2008

Peter Herz, CEO of Jornik Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated supplier based in Stamford, Conn., announced his company entered into an interim agreement to supervise and fulfill all Funco/FUNline orders and be the focal point for Funco customer contact. Ultimately, Jornik will market Funco’s product lines, as well as handle production. “Once we started talking to Funco’s management about this, things moved quickly. The synergies between the two product lines were perfect and the combined industry experience of the management team is unbeatable,” said Herz. “If you are a current Jornik customer you already know that our handling all phases of order fulfillment

It’s Your Move
March 1, 2007

THEY MAKE FUN gifts, bring smiles to people’s faces and might even cause folks to break out in laughter. Games and toys are among a unique class of products in the promotional arena that oftentimes bring great joy to those putting them to use—an effective marketing ploy in itself. But, when distributors find a way to perfectly match games and toys with clients’ images and messages, the joy is spread all around, creating a winning situation for the whole team. That’s exactly the tactic Aerobie, Palo Alto, Calif., employs with its line of high-performance flying discs, rings and boomerangs. National Sales Manager Don Abbott said Aerobie

To trade show or not to trade show?
August 1, 2006

To Trade Show... Peter Herz, Jornik Manufacturing, Stamford, Conn., Every year, we look at the schedule for the following year’s trade shows to see if there are one or two we can cut. We mull it over and, after a very short while, decide there is no better and economical way to see all those distributors within a two- or three-day time frame. It’s a chance to be reacquainted with old friends, and meet and greet new ones. It’s always great to put a face with a name and a voice. We can always count on getting some quality time with our