Katz Americas

Product of the Day: Scratch-off Coasters from Katz Americas
November 2, 2011

You can't scratch your bug bites, or your chicken pox, or your poison ivy, or your Ted Nugent vinyls, or that ugly crystal your spouse's mom gave you Christmas '98, so how do relieve that deep-seated need to scratch? Scratch-off Coasters from Katz Americas.

Product of the Day: Heat Reveal Coaster from Katz Americas
June 14, 2011

People born today will never know what Polaroid is, but thanks to Katz Americas, they can emulate the experience with the Heat Reveal Coaster. Just add heat and the image is revealed. No shaking necessary, which is a good feature for something that will sit under a steaming cup of coffee.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name
September 1, 2010

More than banks, more than clothing stores, possibly even more than grocery stores, bars and restaurants surround their customers with logos and branding of all kinds.