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The Baby Boom: 3 Must-have Maternity Pieces
May 21, 2013

The rumors about Beyoncé’s second pregnancy may be false, but that shouldn’t stop you from outfitting other moms-to-be in promotional maternity apparel.

Warming up in Style
April 12, 2013

With summer on the horizon, however, tees and tanks have been hard at work conditioning (supposedly with Mark Wahlberg's trainer). Fans are sure they'll reclaim the title as the everyday essential, and with the right style knowledge, you can take advantage of their victory

Mind the littlest fans.
July 30, 2009

For those of you who stopped short on page 62 of Promo Marketing's June issue, you might have asked yourself, "Why is there a picture of a baby in a collegiate wear article?" No, we weren't suggesting you try to find a foothold in the competitive niche market of child prodigies. Surprisingly enough, according to Mindy Anastos of Ball Ground, Georgia-based LAT Sportswear, infant and toddler items are the most popular items the company supplies to colleges and universities. Joe Ebaugh, director of trademark licensing at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md., agreed: "Little infant cheerleader sets, bibs, youth products … if you can envision seeing a logo on it and having it marketable and consumable, we'll take a flyer on it."

Higher Education
June 18, 2009

Let’s revisit, if you will, one of the most special and overwhelming times in a young person’s life: the tour de universities. Running around the country through various hallowed halls of learning is enough of a whirlwind, to be sure, but the most daunting part of it all has to be the variables involved. You might be able to briefly try each school on for size, but you won’t know if it truly fits until it’s been bought and paid for (first-semester transfers can testify to this).

Boy, Are My Arms Tired
January 6, 2009

Just got back from ASI Orlando and I’m grudgingly accepting that it is indeed still winter. The show was great, and unlike last year (when global warming played a nasty little trick on us and made it 40 degrees), the weather was just gorgeous.
It was a nice way to ease back into the traveling whirlwind that is January and February—my feet are now primed and ready for PPAI next week, that’s for sure. I’m still a little foggy from the lack of weekend (you can’t have everything, I guess), so I’m a little short on repartee. I hope you understand.
Instead, let