Leeman Designs

Prime Line Acquires Leeman New York Product Line
January 11, 2010

Prime Line, Bridgeport, Conn., announced it acquired the Leeman New York product line from Leeman Designs, Woodbury, N.Y. Leeman Designs has been supplier in the promotional products industry for nearly 30 years, and offers a wide range of leather and glass items including portfolios, luggage tags, jotters and desk items.

Things That Are Cool
March 4, 2008

I’m not an expert on this whole Internet thing, but it seems to me that the archetypical blogging equation is:
funny anecdote + industry tie-in = increased pageviews

But nothing exciting or interesting happened to me this week. I was bored. What to do about this week’s post? Well, one thing I do know a little bit about is magazines. And, when magazines need content, they make lists.
So, here goes nothing.

Five Things That Are Cool:
1) S&S Activewear always sends me images, on discs, ahead of my editorial schedule. Big ups to Terri Scales from The Tercet Group.